Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Other than deciding what type of aircraft you want to fly, finding an instructor for your type of aircraft might be the most difficult next step. If you are located in north central Pa., you need to plan to travel for instruction. The good news is that there are instructors available for almost anything you can fly. Powered Parachute and trike students will need to travel approx. 2 hours. Fixed wing guys will have a little less travel time depending on what you want to fly. If you want seat time in cool carbon fiber glass cockpit ELSA, you will need to add some travel time. If you want some experience in a neat Piper J3 taildragger you don't need to travel quite so far. Generally there is some form of instruction available. It is important to factor time, weather and money into what type of flying you might like to do as well as what type of aircraft you might purchase. Instruction is important!! If you read this post and know where there are instructors available for ultralight and LSA in north central Pa or the southern Tier of NY. please feel free to post them here.

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