Saturday, July 4, 2009

Discovery Flights

If you never have had a chance to sit in the left seat of small airplane or would like to try it in a different airplane, a Discovery Flight is a great way to do it. These flights are priced very economically and are a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon or a summer evening. One such facility that gives Discovery Flights in a variety of aircraft is the East Hill Flying Club in Ithaca NY. This type of flight makes a great birthday, anniversary, fathers (or mothers) day gift and costs approx. $80. At East Hill your Discovery Flight Instructor will help you take the controls while maneuvering along Cayuga Lake near Cornell University and Taughannnock Falls Park. If you are interested in flying you really owe it to yourself to spend an hour with an instructor and fly in and out of the beautiful Ithaca Airport. Take the short drive to Ithaca, you will not be sorry!

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