Thursday, July 9, 2009

"He's in the Air!"

That's what Ada Johnston called out to Mel Bole as he was closing up Hanger 10 after an awesome 1.1 hour flight. Ada was taking a walk around 8 p.m. on 7/9/09, and was watching Gary Morell roll his "Tweety Bird"down the runway on newly-aligned landing gear (courtesy of Wes McKinney's expertise) when, all of a sudden, Gary wasn't on the ground anymore!

Earlier, Gary had told Mel that he was just going to taxi some more but that he was trying to work up the courage to go airborne for the first time in his Kolb Firefly. Mel assured Gary that the air was great for flying tonight, not at all like it was when he first soloed.

Well, Gary must not have been able to hold "Tweety Bird" down any longer! Up! Up! and Away! he went! Of course, Gary had to go fly over his house to celebrate this awesome moment before he headed back to N38 to safely land on the grass next to Runway 10.

So, "CONGRATULATIONS, GARY!" You finally soloed your tail-dragger UL! Enjoy! Enjoy!

PS, Gary: Wes recommends that you land BETWEEN the windsocks. The ground is more-level there.


  1. Wow. Gary has worked long and hard to get his plane and himself air worthy. What a neat event. Congrats. Gary.

  2. Way to go Gary!!! Im jealous!! still working on my bird. glad to hear you got her in the air. Maybe you can fly her on the 16th with the other guys.

    >>Rob Fisher

  3. Ahhh....can't hold a Kolb down long. Congratulations Gary. How about that shirt tail??