Monday, November 23, 2009

Sport Pilot Ground School, Mansfield Pa.

The United States Ultralight Associations Club 203, located in Mansfield Pa. is considering hosting of a 3 day Sport Pilot Ground School in late March of 2010.  This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in exploring their interest in flying.   Our instructor, Jim Sweeney  will help to prepare students to complete the Sport Pilot Knowledge Test.  This school is also a great opportunity for ultralight pilots, 0 hour students who may want to fly as well as a great refresher for GA and Sport Pilots who may not be current or have medical issues.  If we can generate enough interst, this will be the 3rd time we have hosted this Jim Sweeney Ground School. We have had local people attend Jims ground school and have gone on to become sport pilots in many different categories of light sport aircraft.  We have had attendees continue to follow their ultralight flight flying desire.  We have had GA pilots attend to refresh their currency and knowlege.  This is a great opportuinity to take your dream of flying to the next level without breaking the bank.  This ground school will not be possible without some committment from those who are interested.  The date is late March of 2010.  The fee will be approx. $300.  Please reply to asap if you are interested.  The things you will learn in this 3 day school will help to make you a safer, GA, Sport, or ultralight pilot and feed you interest in flight even if you just dream of flying.

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