Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's 2010, GO FLY Something

A lot of us have the bug.  We want to fly. We may have some flight experience or we may have no flight experience.  We may be pilots who have parked our flying bug for one reason or another.  Spring is now in full bloom and so is the flying season.  With a little effort you can get your feet off the ground and really enjoy flying without it costing you an arm and leg.  I have found that most pilots enjoy company when flying.  Here is an example.  I stopped by Sky Haven last Monday just to see if they sold sectionals.  While talking to the FBO I inquired about a J-3 Cub that they flew there.  It is no longer in service but they do have a PA-11 Cub Special still flying.  I signed up for an hour long lesson a few days later and was told to go to the last hanger on the left and take a look at the plane, which I did.  I spent 5-10 minutes looking the plane over and headed back to my vehicle.  On my walk back I met a gentleman walking toward the open hanger I had just left with a headset in hand.  He said "did you look it over?  Is she ready to fly"  I replied, "I don't know a thing about that plane I was only looking her over as I have a lesson in her in a few days"  He pulled it out of the hanger, showed me the pre-flight procedure, and asked what I was doing for the next half hour.  I quickly said "nothing".  He asked if I wanted to go up......well dah.....(that was not really the way I answered him) So I climed into the rear seat and we taxied out, flew around the area for a bit, landed and I got out and watched him and the old Cub return to the sky and slowly slip out of site.  What a neat experience and it did not cost a dime.  Will this be the year you get in the air?  Will you react to the bug that wants you to fly?  Take an intro. flight or discovery flight.  Get in a glider.  Hang out at an airport that has activity and get to know some local pilots.  Join a club.  If you enjoy flying and place yourself in the right places, you can enjoy flying without owning an aircraft.  Of course that places you at a greater risk of needing to own or rent an aircraft.  It is spring, if you have the bug to fly, don't let it become the fall of 2010and still have your feet stuck to the earth and say "someday, maybe next year".  GO FLY something!!  Let the flying bug loose.

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