Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Visit To Lock Havens Sentimental Journey

We have a lot of aviation history within a two hour drive of Pennsylvania's Canyon Country .  The Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport NY., The Soaring Capitol of the World in Big Flats NY and The Piper Aircraft Museum in Lock Haven Pa.  This past week was the 25th Sentimental Journey held at the former Piper plant in Lock Haven.  Piper once boasted that it was the worlds largest producer of general aviation aircraft.  It is rumored that John Deere tractors were painted green with yellow accents rather than yellow with green accents because Piper Aircraft purchased all of the yellow paint in the country.  It was fun to take a trip to Lock Haven and see all of those yellow Cubs, as well as many other interesting aircraft.  Enjoy a few photos and if you have not already visited the Piper Museum, you should take a Saturday and do so.

A hand prop'ed Cub taxis to the runway. 

A Cub Special in the shade.

Campin' at Sentimental Journey

An Aeronca Experimental 

Another experimental with a Lycoming!!

A military training mission?

A motorglider takes the pavement

An R44 gave spectator rides.  He was a busy pilot!

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