Sunday, September 5, 2010

Canyon Pilots Association 2010 Annual Labor Day Fly-In Breakfast

In Tioga County, deep in the heart of Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon Country, thousands of people have been served breakfast by the Canyon Pilots Association.  This signature event held at the Wellsboro-Johnston Airport has become a Labor Day Tradition for pilots, travelers, folks in nearby camps, locals and many others.  Enjoy a few photos from the 2010 Canyon Pilots Association Labor Day Fly-In Breakfast.

Two members of the Pilots Association  fly a "Missing Man" formation in honor of Richard "Dick" C. Johnston. I am sure Dick would say, " what the hell are those damn guys doing now?1?!!"

CPA Salute To Richard C. Johnston

The "Missing Man"

Breakfast Arrival Hits The Numbers On Two-Eight

One of N38's Resident Murphy's
Bikers Are A Big Part of Our Success.  These Folks Can Eat and WE Enjoy Cooking For Them!! 

Donations to the Richard C. Johnston Memorial Scholarship can be made anytime.  Contact N38 for details.  

8:30 AM as the Labor Day Crowd Grows

This is breakfast "American Style" 
Just some of the aircraft flying at N38 on Labor Day 2010
This Skyhawk could be yours.  Contact Joe at 570-724-6424 for details.

The Canyon Pilot's Association would like to thank everyone who attends our breakfasts each Memorial Day and Labor Day Sunday.  If you enjoy all you can eat buckwheat pancakes, eggs done to your specification, ham, coffee and juice for six bucks, made by pilots who love to serve you,  you have to see the assembly line grills set up to serve you quickly.  The breakfast is a production unto itself.  These guys "Git 'er Done."

The date to remember for Memorial Day 2010 is Sunday May 29th.  Mark your calendar now!!

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