Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CCUC Members Planes and Projects

The Canyon Country Ultralight Club, USUA Club 203 was formed in 2003 with a few guys who only had a dream to fly.  Today, we still dream but some members have some type of aircraft.  Some fly now, some will fly someday.  The common value for our club is that we keep each other energized about safe affordable flight.  Check out some of our aircraft.

Shaw Siglin's Champ Project
Rob Fishers Weedhopper

Fred Ziegler's Aerowoks 103

Mel Bole's CGS Hawk Ultra

Quick Silver (for sale)

Steve Reese's AirBike

Tom Freeman Blue Heron Marathon PPC

Mike Reids Gyro-Chopper-Copter-?

Dan Cooper's Kolb Slingshot

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