Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sport Pilot Ground School Looking For Interested Students

Jim Sweeney, one of the countries most respected sport pilot and light sport aircraft experts, has once again agreed to return to northern Pennsylvania to conduct a 3-day Sport Pilot Ground School.  The proposed date for the ground school is March 2011.  The school is sponsored by USUA Club 203, The Canyon Country Ultralight Club and The Canyon Pilots Association.  In order to secure a date with Mr. Sweeney we need a class minimum and early response indicating your interest is critical.  Please see the article below that is being circulated in regional newspapers.

WELLSBORO - The Canyon Pilots Association and The Canyon County Ultralight Club, located near here are once again planning to offer a three day Sport Pilot Ground School in March.
Recently the FAA created a new rule called Sport Pilot that allows an average person to afford his or her dream of flight as pilot in command.
For the price of a Harley, the family ski boat or a collector car, you can own an aircraft and fly it safely over the hills and valleys of the countryside.
Tom Freeman, president of the United States Ultralight Club chapter located in Wellsboro, said “this is the third time that we have helped to sponsor this ground school. Our last ground school, which was held on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, attracted aviation enthusiast from three states and of all ages.”
The course is designed to provide the student with enough knowledge, with some review, to take the FAA’s knowledge test which is required in the process of becoming a Sport Pilot.
This course also will interest anyone who wants to learn more about flying, be a refresher to existing pilots who may want to fly as Sport Pilots or Ultralight pilots or anyone who may be considering any entry level of flight.
The instructor, Jim Sweeney, is an Illinois resident.
The Army trained Jim as an air traffic controller with duty at Ft. Knox and 101st ABN DIV (AMBL), Vietnam.
His general aviation experience includes over 3,700 hours flying light aircraft; tail wheel, grass fields and glider towing most frequently. Certificates held include Commercial - SEL, SES, MEL, Glider, and Instrument; Ground Instructor - Advanced; Flight Instructor SEL, MEL, Instrument.
Freeman said in order to hold this ground school a minimum of 13 people must sign up.
“This is why we are tying to get the word out now” he said. “It is necessary to gauge the interest level before we can schedule our instructor.”
Those interested can contact Freeman at or by calling 662-7856 after 6 p.m. Approximate cost of the ground school is $350.
“We will need to hear from interested people by the end of November in order to book the instructor for March. This would make a great Christmas gift for the aviation enthusiast in you family,” Freeman continued. The class will be held in the Wellsboro or Mansfield area.

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