Sunday, January 9, 2011

3-Day Sport Pilot Ground School

The dates are set for a 3-day Sport Pilot Ground School in North Central Pennsylvania, Mansfield Pa.  The dates are March 11, 12, 13.  Seating is limited with a minimum number of seats required.  The host is United States Ultralight Club 203 ( USUA ) The cost is $350. for instruction and $25. for materials.  Pre-registration must be submitted to by February 15.  FMI call 570-662-7856.  If you are a Private Pilot who is not current, this is a great opportunity to refresh yourself on the basics.  If you are a zero time pilot and want to explore your interest in flying without the hassle of finding a flight instructor and committing to a program, this ground school is for you. If you want to learn to fly a Piper Cub, Aeronca, Champ, Light Sport Airplane, Trike, Powered Parachute or Ultralight and learn about doing it SAFELY this ground school is for you.  For those who enjoy exploring their interest in flying with other enthusiasts, this is a fun, intensive, enjoyable 3-day ground school that will leave you excited and wanting to take the next step that fits your flying experience.  Your instructor will be one of the nations leading advocates for flying for fun while making sure you do it in a safe, affordable manner.  You can check out Jim Sweeney, your instructor at as well as his course syllabus.  These type of ground school opportunities are very rare.  There are few opportunities in the northeastern U.S. to attend a ground school like this.  We hope you can take advantage of this opportunity!! 

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