Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Great Weekend for Aviation in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.

Mid-March is a great time to schedule events that get people interested in aviation together.  Eveyone is sick of winter, or almost everyone.  That pretty snow that fell in late November was fun.  The snow that gave us a "White Christmas" was neat.  The 31 inches that fell in the last two weeks on the Northern Tier of Pa. has made most of us want to head to Punxatauney Pa to kill the ground hog who predicted that winter was over.  I hope Phil's family has a good life insurance policy.  I think he stands a better chance of a melt down than Charlie Sheen.....Punxatauney Phil is not WINNING.  Unlike Phil and Charlie, aviation in Tioga County Pa. had a winning weekend.  In Mansfield, there was a 3-day Sport Pilot Ground School held at Partners In Progress's conference room.  There, students were given instruction by one of the nations leaders in Sport Pilot ground instruction, Mr. Jim Sweeney.  This is Jim's third visit to Mansfield to help prepare attendees for the Sport Pilot Knowlege Test.  Thanks to the Canyon Pilots Association and the Canyon Country Ultralight Club, several dozen students have been prepared or refreshed to be safe flyers.
Jim Sweeney conducts Sport Pilot Knowlege Test training in Mansfield Pa.

While Mr. Sweeney conducted Sport Pilot training in Mansfield, Dave Fisher of the Grand Canyon Airport Authority, conducted a meeting in Wellsboro to gauge interest in the formation of a flying club.  If successful this club would be based at N38, the Wellsboro-Johnston Airport.  Thirteen folks turned out to share coffee and donuts to explore the concept of establishing a local flying club.  Another 14 people expressed an interest in a club but were unable to attend.  After a presentation and group discussion it was decided that there was enough interest to hold a follow-up meeting to take the club idea to the next stage of consideration.  This meeting will be held at N38 on Friday, March 18 at 7:00pm.  Call Tom Freeman at 570-662-7856 or email with comments, questions or suggestions.
Those interested in the formation of a flying club at N38 share ideas after a presentaion on the concept.  The meeting was held in the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital Board Room, in Wellsboro Pa.

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