Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sentimental Journey Lock Haven Pa. Save the Date

Last year I had a chance to go to my first Sentimental Journey at the world famous Lock Haven Airport. I was a very enjoyable experience.  If you can make time in your summer schedule, I am sure you will say it was time well spent.  I went on Saturday of the event and was surprised that things were winding down.  If you go you may want to go Thursday or Friday. While there were still a lot of planes there and flying, I was told that about half of the crowd had left.

Join the fun at the home of Cub!

There is plenty to see as there is access to the entire field.  You can walk right up to the flight line and watch the planes taxi and take off.  There are more yellow Piper airplanes in Lock Haven at one time than any other place in the world.

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