Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Voices In Your Head

There is a new way, well fairly new, to program the voices in your head and fill some mindless drive time, yard work time, commercial flight time or just the hurry up and wait times in your life.  Those of you that enjoy learning more about aviation and training or current events in aviaiton have a great resource to fill those down times.  All it takes is an MP3 player a set of ear buds and a podcatcher, such as iTunes.  I have an hour and 45 minute commute at least twice each week.  Here are some of the voices in my head:

Uncontrolled Airspace

News & conversation about the world of General Aviation flying.

Every week the UCAP gang gathers in the virtual hangar to talk about all things GA.

You can listen-in as some of General Aviation's most knowledgeable, opinionated,

and plain-speaking characters, do some online hangar-flying.
Stephen Force is the superhero alter ego of mild-mannered tech and aviation lawyer, private pilot (ASEL, ASES, AMEL, IA, and DC-3 (SIC) type-rated), and Civil Air Patrol major Steve Tupper. Since launching the podcast and radio network three years ago, Steve has recorded episode segments from the cockpit of the aircraft that he flies, flown with the USAF Thunderbirds, been strapped into a canvas sling seat at 12,500 feet next to the open door of the Glolden Knights' C-31A jump aircraft, been up in a balloon over the Battle Creek Balloon Festival, been upside down with his hair on fire in Brett Hunter's Pitts S-2C, been tumbled gyroscopically in Michael Mancuso's Extra 300L, and featured military personnel, a psychologist, an air traffic controller, a Snowbird, a Blue Angel, an F-16 instructor, and a test pilot and former astronaut - just to name a few! Join him as he pursues everything aviation. (c) 2006-2009 Airspeed, LLC. All rights reserved. Contact Steve at or see the full contact information in the Hot Links section.

Quite possibly one of the best online site for great pilot training, tips, tricks, study topics.  Jason Shappert and mOa are a great resource.

In The Pattern Podcast


3 (Student) Pilots get together to talk about their experiences with flight training. Join us as we work together to get our private pilot certificates in this aviation podcast about the joys of learning to fly.
My Flight Coach is designed to serve pilots, particularly student or returning pilots, with an intensive, learn-where-you-are ground instruction, podcasts and writing.   Using webinar-based instruction I can help more pilots in more places lay a great foundation for their flying or help them solidify their understanding of flight concepts.
The New Pilot Podblog
The New Pilot PodBlog
These are some of the site I find interesting, informative and helpful.  There are many more at:
Interested in flying?  Are you already a pilot or hope to become one?’s purpose is to encourage and equip you in your pursuit of flying.  From articles to podcasts and video tutorials, my hope is that through you will achieve your flying goals!

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