Thursday, June 2, 2011

Penn Valley Airport Selingsgrove Pa.

I needed a few small items from a pilot shop and went online to order some Prist acrylic, plastic and glass cleaner.  I also so wanted to purchase a new AFD.  I looked the items up at one of the many online pilot shops who carried these items and selected the "checkout now" tab. The Prist cleaner was $9.99 and the shipping was almost the same.  I cancelled my order.  I needed to make a work trip to Duncannon Pa. today.  My thoughts went to wondering where I may be able to buy these basic items.  I recently stopped at the FBO in Williamsport to buy a new FAR/AIM and they no longer carry any pilot supplies, not even sectionals.  I knew there was an airport located in Selingsgrove, just off of US Rt 15 and decided to stop with the long shot hope that they might have the items I needed.  I expected to find run down hangers, a beat up repair shop, if there was one at all, and and hopefully an FBO with staff on duty.  What I found was really cool.  When I pulled in I saw what appeared to be new, modern buildings.  There was a parking area with 4 or 5 Avis cars for rent.  A gentleman in an FBO uniform, "Tim" was applying weed killer to the freshly installed landscaping at the new looking terminal.  I asked him if they had a pilot shop and he said they did but the man who operated the facility was out in his J3 Cub but said he could help me.  He led me into a small but very well stocked pilot shop.  I fully expected to have to pay in cash but they were set up to accept any method of payment that I wanted to use. Their terminal and lounge area was very, very nice.  I asked if they serviced LSA aircraft and I was told that they do.  In fact they are a Flight Design dealer and authorized repair center and have a Flight Design CT with a full glass panel on the line for instruction.  They also are a full service Rotax Authorized Service Center.  They do any needed Rotax service, on both 2 and 4 stroke power plants!!!  They are also a Cessna Pilot Center and have a 172 on the line with a G1000.  They have 2 full time instructors with approx. 35 active students.  The state of the art repair shop had 4 planes in various stages of repair or inspection sitting in one of the cleanest shops I have seen.  NASCAR has nothing on these guys when it comes to organization and cleanliness.  Their hangers are full and there are plans to build new T-Hangers and a new corporate hanger as well. This place may be known to the Canyon Pilots but knowing there is an authorized Rotax and LSA service provider in the region should be welcome news to the ultralight and light sport guys.  What a neat find!!  Check them out at  570-374-7671 Brian Cavada is the Service Manager.  By the way, as I was leaving, the J3 came in for a cross-wind landing with wind at 17 gusting to 23.  It was fun to watch!!  Thank you to Tim for showing me around their facility.

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