Monday, October 24, 2011

Flight Demo. Day At Wellsboro / Johnston

On Saturday October 22nd the Canyon Pilots Association, the local R/C aircraft club as well as the local ultralight club met at the Wellsboro/Johnston airport in Pennsylvania's Canyon Country for a flight demo. day.  The weather was marginal but the flying activity was not. There was a lot of flying as well as static displays.  Bill Vickery get the award for most toys on display.  Bill brought a hang gliders wing, powered paraglider's set up as well as his Talon experimental fixed wing aircraft.  Thank you to all who participated.  I did a fair amount of flying and didn't get photos of everything that was there, but it was an fun day for all. 

Fred Ziegler and his Aero-Sport 103 flew in for the event

A ramp full of airplanes and aviation enthusiast's at N38

Jim Hoopes Scout, check out the landing gear on this plane.  Who needs floats with tires like that!

Tom Freeman's Flightstar II SC inbound

This was not part of our day but was part of the traffic and was fun to watch arrive at N38

Bill Vickery's Talon just prior to getting her wings installed

Another Bill Vickery way to fly!!  This burns less fuel per hour than any other aircraft on display!

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