Sunday, April 8, 2012

Canyon Pilots Association President Presents To USUA Club 203

United States Ultralight Club 203, the Canyon Country Ultralight Club, had a presentation by Canyon Pilots Association President Shaw Siglin.  Shaw discussed how to break your aircraft out for spring flying.  The topic also dovetailed with some pre-buy tips as well.  The meeting was well attended and the topic was appreciated. 

Topics presented:  Annual & 100 hr inspection
                             AC 90-89 A  AB Aircraft Fligh Safety Handbook
                             Aircraft Inspections
                             Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspections
                             Best Practices For Maintaining GA Airplanes
                             Engine Dryer Plans
                             Sport Pilot Rule Synopsis
                             Spring Maintenance For Your Ultralight
                             Ultralight Inspection Check List

If you would like more info. on any of theses topics you can contact Shaw at or Tom Freeman at

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