Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring Is Coming....Schedule Some Time In Florida To Speed It Up!

Many of you have been to Sun n Fun, many of you have not.  For those that have been, many of you have not been in years.  This year promises to be Sun n Fun reinvented.  Paradise City, the ultralight area, has been a virtual ghost town the past few years.  Last year there were major improvements to the airstrip there and there was some increased activity but nothing significant.  This year there will be a major change that promises to put Paradise City back on the Sun n Fun map.  The LSA mall will join the ultralights and possibly even Choppertown!!  The airstrip has had additional improvements and here is the bonus, vendors can fly during the airshow!   This should make Paradise City a main focal point of the event!

No matter when you go to Florida, Google Jack Browns Sea Plane Base in Winter Haven.  This is a great addition to your log book.  Flying a J3 and hopping from lake to lake is a must do, as a discovery flight for a uncertificated pilot or a guy with a ticket.  This place will make you smile and want to come back for more.

For those folks that have a little more desire to reach out to their ultralight side, there is Wallaby Ranch.  For the Cessna 172 driver who thinks he knows what it feels like fly, try this.  You may actually realize that you can have fun outside of that mass produced GA bird.  Find your roots, try something different.

Fantasy of Flight!!  Wow, you can see it all here.  Not only is this the sea plane base for the Sun n Fun event, it is just a cool place. Anyone who is interested in flying will love this place. 

If you visit Orlando with the family, bribe your wife or significant other, to let you take a Discovery Flight over Orlando in exchange for the trip to Disney.  The guys at FTPros are a pretty fun bunch and fly from Orlando Executive.  If you have your ticket, rent a plane and take the family up over Orlando.

All of the things mentioned here are located within 1 hour ride (ground) of each other.  Get ride of the winter blues, you have options.  Have fun and enjoy.

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