Friday, June 21, 2013

Sentimental Journey 2013
Pipers Annual Pilgrimage Back To Lock Haven PA
A Super Cub on Super Rubber
The trust 1958 PA-22-160 that got us to KLHV  Interested in vintage Pipers? Check out this type club
Pure fun! Flying a Cub on floats is a great experience. Every pilot should do it at least one time.  If you go to Sun n Fun visit Jack Browns Sea Plane Base.  You wont be disappointed
A contrast of generations. A glass panel Carbon Cub SLSA and an old school Cub. Lock Haven and Sentimental Journey are a great place to see them all.
Rusty must do Acro.  You could read Rusty on the left side without standing on your head
A step back in time.  A beautiful Stinson 108
A very nice Taylorcraft camping under a shade tree at Camp FUBAR
Lock Haven appears to have a healthy Light Sport population including several Trikes
A PA-20 / PA-22 conversion. This conversion makes a tail dragger pilot swallow hard. This was well done
Pilots will fly anything. Right???????
A Beech Stagerwing made the party.  Awesome looking airplane.
Supercruiser,Super Day, Super Airplanes, Super Event.  Thank you Sentimental Journey Organizers!!

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