Monday, September 30, 2013

Eagles Mere Air Museum
Sullivan County Pa.
Fall is a special time in northcentral Pennsylvania and the region has been often called one of the most colorful places in the world due to the foilage changes.  There are very few ways to appreciate the hills and valleys as they begin to change their colors than from the air.  Several members of the Canyon Pilots Association, based in Wellsboro Pa, recently had that opportunity.  What made the adventure even more special was the destination.  The Eagles Mere Air Museum in Sullivan County Pennsylvania.  It is a hidden jewel in aviation, both by its location and airfield but particularly by its collection of flying aircraft.
 Normally a 1942 Piper Cub is a fairly rare site.  Normally it may be one of the oldest aircraft you see at an airport.......not at Eagles Mere!!  This is one of their newest planes on display.
Toss in the same era of Stearman a 1944
......and you have some rare aircraft, for todays standards, right???
Not if you are an aircraft hangared at the Eagles Mere Air Museum! 
1928 Waco GXE
1917 Poloson Special 
The Poloson Special was used at the Daugherty School of Aviation.  A thrill ride would cost $25. 
 This is a 1928 Cessna AW
It is the oldest flying Cessna in the world and is hangered in Eagles Mere !!! 
These planes are in great shape and very clean.  They do fly though.  Check out the grease from the rockers on the paint.   
Check out the wet compass in the worlds oldest flying Cessna 
......and more toys! A Merritt Field Pedal Car too
Sport Planes....a new concept right?  Not!  This is one of a few, if not the only, Lincoln Sport Plane in the world.   This sport plane was built in 1924
The cockpit of the 1926 Loncoln Sport Plane
The worlds only flying 1929 Travel Air 10D 
Tennis Anyone? 
1940 Tiger Moth
 Canyon Pilots Association Pilots, members and passengers
September 28,2013
The Eagles Mere Air Museum has a truly rare collection of aircraft and maybe the only flying collection of this vintage of aircraft in the world.  We would like to thank the owner of this collection, George Jenkins, and his staff for allowing us to view his collection and watch his aircraft fly.

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  1. I had so much fun there!!! thanks for posting this Tom...