Monday, June 9, 2014


The following ATC questions and answers are from the podcast and website  This is a very informative web site and gives great insight into communicating with ATC, VFR and IFR.  I am posting some VFR Q & A here.  Check out Jeff Kanarish's web site for more info.

“You are preparing to taxi at tower-controlled airport. You have contacted Ground Control for taxi instructions. The ground controller says, “Cessna 9130 Delta, Doryphore* Ground, Runway 28. Taxi via Alpha, then right on Delta, left on Bravo, hold short of Runway 3 on Bravo 1.”
Here’s your challenge: Give me a read back of these taxi instruction that includes only the items the AIM says are required in your readback.


“Cessna 9130 D, Runway 28, hold short of Runway 3 on Bravo 1.”
Aeronautical Information Manual
4−3−18. Taxiing
a. General.

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