Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ultralight Fly-in's

Ultralight fly-in's can be a great way to enjoy or explore your interest in "flying for fun." Sometimes you have to dig around to find any details for them and plan on spending some time on the road to get to them. For the most part don't expect to see street banners, traffic cops or long lines heading into the airfield. If you ask directions at the local C-Store to the fly-in, even if it is less than 5 miles away, you may get a blank stare from the clerk who would not know an ultralight from a large bag of cheese doodles. What I can tell you is that once you find the site you will find many folks who would love to show you their flying machines and share their reason of why they "fly for fun." I have never been able to attend the fly-in at Gulliver's Wilderness Airpark in the Town of Palermo NY., but my PPC flight instructor told me it is a great event. Their next fly-in is Aug. 20-23 with the 22nd being the best day to attend. From the photos on the link it appears that they have fixed wing, gyro, PPC and trikes. If you really want to get close to these machines and their owners to look them over and ask questions, or maybe even get a demo. flight, you will love this type of grass roots...."flying for fun" fly-in. I encourage you to find an ultralight fly-in and plan a fun stop on the way to or from the event. It is a great way to spend a Saturday!

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