Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Flying not always in the air

Today started out early. The sun was not even fully awake when my 11 month old miniature pincher "Bristol" decided she had enough sleep and thought since she was awake, I should be as well. It was a warm foggy Sunday morning and thoughts of turning this early morning event into a flight in my PPC before church quickly disappeared. I made a cup of coffee and the dog and I headed to the front porch with a new copy of "Light Sport and Ultralight Flying" magazine. I glanced at the normal things like the ad's to see if there might be one more new toy that I could buy that would add more weight to my powered parachute but still be really cool. As the dog and I sat on the porch watching the day come to life I realized that I was really enjoying the moment. The more I began to think about this I realized that I have enjoyed many moments like this. While flying is a blast, I really enjoy reading, learning, listening and sharing more things on the ground about flying than I spend actual time in the air. I suppose this is the same for everyone that flys but for some reason it just became more evident to me today. I began to think of a few things that keep me flying while I am on the ground. Here are a few of them that I really enjoy. This is a weekly podcast that I almost never listen to live but do load the acrhived segments into my IPOD. I then can learn and enjoy flying while I am mowing lawn or traveling for work. There are many other aviation podcasts as well. After everyone is in bed and the house gets quiet in the evening I enjoy looking at that neat light sport plane that could be mine if I only had a few extra dollars. Try it if you haven't by going to Go to lunch with a buddy that enjoys flying or better yet take someone to lunch who would love to fly something like you fly or plan to fly. Join a club. Those friends are great and help keep you inspired. Take a demo or into. flight. Plan to look into a glider ride. If you get serious take a few lessons and get the feel from the left seat. Flying is fun but you do not always need to be in the air to enjoy it. Think about it and really start appreciating the flying experience whenever and wherever you are even if it is from ground level. Thanks go to my Min Pin for waking me up early this foggy Sunday morning and helping me realize that I can enjoying flying from the chair on the front porch almost as much as the seat in my PPC. Ata girl Bristol but please sleep in tomorrow!!

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