Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my weedhopper

Well as most of our members know, I've been working on getting a UL up for a couple of years now. I first bought a plane that I had great hopes for, but it ended up as a parts plane and by selling off some of its parts, became a source of revenue to fund the additions to my current Hopper. The Weedhopper is just one of many UL models designed by the late John Chotia. They were in production from the late seventies to the mid nineties.

Mine is a "B" model that has had many upgrades done to it. Its probably closer to a "C" model while still retaining the "B" model wing design. I am using a rotax 277cc engine. I am currently trying to find a side mount exhaust for it and that is basically all that is holding me back from taking her out a crowhopping her.

I really dont have many pictures of my UL other than a video that my Sis helped me shoot.
You can find it on youtube at this link:


There is also a youtube video of the previous owner of my plane test flying her out in Ohio, which is where I purchased the plane.

that link is:


The previous owner had a 277 with side mount exhaust on it, as you will see. In retrospect, I wish I would have bought the plane with the engine instead of without. I was trying to save some money, as I already had an engine from my other plane. As it turned out it ended up costing more in the long run...live and learn.

That's about all I have for now, I will try to put some current pics on here from time to time and keep everyone informed of my progress.

bye for now...

>>Rob Fisher

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  1. We will look forward to seeing your updates!! Thanks for the post.