Friday, September 18, 2009

Quicksilver MX!! Ultralight Club Considers Ownership

The Canyon Country Ultralight Club is considering the purchase of a Quicksilver MX from 5 of its members who have helped to bring the project plane back into an airworthy condition. The club currently owns 1/6th interest in the plane. Dan Cooper (pictured above) club VP, has led the charge, provided the housing and done most of the work on the MX. The plane was recently moved to the Wellsboro Johnston Airport, N38 in Wellsboro Pa. where it will be hangered from now on. Details are currently being discussed on how a member may qualify for flight privileges. The club is currently a United States Ultralight Club and was hoping to take advantage of USUA insurance programming etc. It now appears that USUA is on life support as an organization and members are looking at other options to help support the needs of the club. Training is very important and difficult to find in our region but members firmly believe it is an integral part to being granted flying privileges in the MX. Inquiries are currently being made to EAA's ultralight division to help address training and insurance concerns. Once the guidelines are established qualified members may be able to fly this plane for as little as $10-$15 per hour with a monthly dues of $40-$50 to help offset fixed expenses such as insurance, hanger fees, etc. Anyone interested is welcome to comment as we develop the plans to make this plane available to members for flight. Stay tuned to the blog for additional info. on flying the MX. In the meantime, check out this video clip of an MX in flight.

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