Thursday, November 5, 2009

The SOLO Smile

That SOLO Smile.  I was fortunate enough to get my solo flight in a light sport Flight Design CTsw on November 3rd.  As you may notice Mel Bole posted a few days ago that he soloed too.  Look at his post and mine.  We flew different airplanes but we both have that same "goofy solo smile."  Here are a few facts about my fixed wing flight experience.  1)  I have flown 21.1 hrs including 19.9 hrs before my solo day  2)  Solo day was a pattern practice day and I had to complete 4 T&G's under instruction before the CFI felt comfortable enough to deplane and let me go on my own.  3)  The solo consisted of 3 T&G's  4)  I now have 21.1 hours of airplane single engine land hours.  5) I have completed 103 landings  5)  I have spent $2,743. to date not including club membership and deposit.  6)  This does not include my investment in aquiring my Sport Pilot ticket with a powered parachute endorsement but the fact that I am currently a sport pilot is helping to shorten my training time.  In summary I have had a blast doing this.  I was very imtimidated to take my powereded parachute training and start flying a light sport airplane in a club that flew from a Class Delta airport.  Talking to ATC was and still is a foreign concept.  My CFI's have made this a pretty easy transition.  Now I am on to gain some solo time out in the practice area, then x-country flights etc.  I am having a great time flying this little airplane with a very high quality flight training facility.  I highly recommend East Hill for anyone looking into light sport aircraft training. 

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  1. Wow. Congrats Tom. Great Job. I hope you lost a shirt tail on that one - Dan