Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Woodhopper of East Hill

The Woodhopper of East Hill seemed like a fitting title for this post as the Halloween season has just past.  This skeleton of an ultralight has been hung from the rafters of the East Hill Flying Club in Ithaca NY ever since I have taken instruction there.  The bones of this once proud ultralight are exposed and it is naked and skinless in its home high above the other club planes.  You can not enter this hanger without wondering what it is or what it may have become.  It begs for a new owner to be mated with her to make her complete and let her soar.  No man has dared to bring her back to life but enjoy casting their stares at her lifeless exposed frame none the less.   Here is a You Tube video of this plane attempting to escape the bonds of gravity and justify her life and affection of the man that rode her into the abyss.  Copy and paste it to your browser.

In later years the Weedhopper ultralight enjoyed a good amount of success in the ultralight marketplace.  Canyon Country Ultralight Club member Rob Fisher is resurecting one as we speak.  Many men have enjoyed the company of the Weedhopper but still wonder what it would have been like to have an affection for the cousin, the Woodhopper of East Hill.  Check out Rob's post earlier in this blog showing the stautus of his project.

You can also check out the Weedhopper web site at:

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