Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scenes from Sun n Fun 2010

This was one of the warbirds. We had a chance to visit with a special warbird judge, "Doc" Mitchell from the Canyon Pilots Association. Doc is a longtime judge and highly respected among his fellow judges.

Did you ever see the TV commercial that show guys "Messin' with Sasquatch?"  Sombody else saw the commercial too.  I also saw an FAA mission statement that went like this: FAA, we are not happy until you're not happy. Wonder if they we from the Harrisburg FSDO?

Day 2, Wednesday, was a fairly windy day. When we arrived nothing was flying in Paradise City. That quickly changed. The guys at M-Squared were great and we got in a couple of demo. flights. I have gone from a PPC that is controlled with "all feet" to a Flight Design that I over rudder to the M-Squared that gets you back into being a "rudder lover."

500 ft above Sun n Fun in the M-Squared with a very colorful pilot. This guy flies about 800 hours each year with tourists over the Florida Keys in an M-Squared on floats. What a terrible way to have make cash!!

They even let a Canyon Country Ultralight Club member take the flight controls. There is an interesting landmark for turning final at this airport, a cemetary!!

If you ever get this chance, make a plan to visit Lakeland in April. Sun n Fun will welcome you.

Pipers new light sport. This is not your father's Cub!! What a nice plane.

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