Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Lost My Shirt-tail

Today, 4/20/2010, after a 5+ month break since my first solo in a SportStar, I finally got back to where I was when I stopped flying last October at Adventure Flight Training in Lancaster (KLNS).

When I started post-solo training again on, 4/6/2010, at AvSport of Lock Haven (KLHV), it turned out that I was more "rusty" at flying than I wanted to be. However, Paul Shuch, CFI II, patiently got the rust "cleaned-up" and, with ideal wind conditions, today, I got to fly around the pattern three times, "alone and unassisted!" How cool is that!

The severed shirt-tail reads, "On 20 Apr 2010 Mel Bole soloed SportStar N810EV at AvSport of Lock Haven. HP Shuch 548624494 CFI II." This picture is on AvSport's website also under "About" Photo Gallery" "Students."

To check it (and the whole AvSport website) out, click on the title of this blog. It contains a wealth of light sport aviation information.

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