Monday, April 11, 2011

Sun N Fun Photos

Sun N Fun Photos (Friday)

For those who follow Sun N Fun you know that a tornado hit Lakeland on Thursday and thus, I mention Friday in the title.  There were several club members at SNF this year, Fred Ziegler, Bill Hall, Doc Mitchell, Wes and me.  It is only by the grace of God that no one died.  There were a few repoted broken bone and one severe head injury.  70 aircraft were damaged.  On Friday the sky cleared and the Fun in the Sun continued!  The Blue Angels, The F-22 Raptor, The Red Bull Team, Patty Wagstaff and crew filled the sky with burned fuel and smoke oil.  The grounds were filled with muddy-aviation enthusiasts.  Here are some photos!

The entrance.  If you made it to the gate, you were good to go

Those familiar will remember the food court at the entrance to Paradise City. No $10. hamburgers here.

Lockwood Aviation took a huge hit!

Another look at the former Lockwood display area.

The Blue Angels

The folding wing, SLSA Aerotrek in the LSA Mall 

On Thursday, we met Tom Karr at the Excalibur Aircraft factory to see how he builds his aircraft.

This airframe is being prepared to ship to a Excalibur customer in Tiawan

The Excalibur packing list as it gets ready to ship

Tom Karr's personal Excalibur as it was displayed at the Sebring LSA show in January

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