Thursday, April 7, 2011

Very Nice PPG For Sale

Low Time /  Nice PPG For Sale

Every now and then there is a very fair priced, low time, excellent condition, niche way to get in the air, local opportunity.  This is a PPG that fits this description and is offered with wing, motor, backpack, titanium trike, helmet with radio capabilities, kiting harness, wing and motor manuals, 7 liters of oil mix, propeller cover.  Here are the details:

Engine: 172.5 cc 21 hp @ 7200 RPM.  11:1 Compression .
Prop:   39x26 pitch 118 lbs of thrust @ 3500 RPM.  Left rotation
Carb:   Tillotson 91-A351Ireland
Fuel consumption:  1 gph
Weight of motor:  78 lbs w/fuel
Duration: 6.4 hrs
Speed:  17-20 mph
Wing:  Min. weight, 165 lbs.  Max weight, 209 lbs. Current piolt weighs 190 lbs and wing is very stable

This PPG has less than 10 hrs total time

Offered for sale at $5,000.  Contact Travis Dunning 607-346-6964

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