Sunday, July 24, 2011

Frederick Scheffel Presents At Dushore Pa. Fly In August 12-14

John Yonkin, longtime light sport aviator and former owner of UltraFlight Magazine is hosting a fly in at Wisperhawk Field in Dushore Pa.  John has invited Frederick Scheffel an FAA Examiner, owner of Powerfin Propellers and Skytrails LSA.  Frederick will be here a few days before the August 12-14 event and offer testing for Sport, Private or CFI's.  If you know of anyone interested in testing please contact John at  Frederick will also make a presentation or seminar during the fly in.  John flies an Aiborne Outback 912 Trike and expects PPC's to be on hand as well.  All legal pilots are welcome to attend.  There will be a pilots dinner at 4pm Saturday followed by a big fireworks display Saturday evening.   Below is info. on Frederick Scheffel and

– a long standing name in Powered Parachute Training, Sales & Service in St. George, Utah expands into PPC Manufacturing, as the PREDATOR comes under new management!

And so the "SkyTrails LSA " company now encompasses the Training Materials, Experience & Training Structure of SkyTrails Ranch, and includes the manufacturing of the PREDATOR powered parachute & POWERFIN Propellers.

HeadHouseKeeper (and CEO): Fredrick Scheffel (CFI / FAA Examiner and author of multiple training & assembly manuals & magazine articles; and Director of world class PPC events)

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