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2012 Canyon Country Ultralight Club Meeting Schedule

The Canyon Country Ultralight Club Is USUA Club 203

2012 Meeting Schedule

March 15, 7:00 pm  Wellsboro-Johnston Airport

The first meeting of 2012.  The first order of business will be to nominate and elect officers.  Your current officers are:

Tom Freeman       President
Dan Cooper          Vice President
Fred Ziegler          Treasurer
Kevin Johns          Secretary
Robert Fisher        Events Coordinator

The presentation for this meeting will be done by Shaw Siglin.  Shaw is an A&P and has a long history in aviation.  Today he will talk about getting your aircraft out of the moth balls and ready to fly.  He will focus on safety and airworthiness.  What to look for and where to look for it. Is corrosion a concern?  You may not think so, but it could very well be a hidden problem.  This discussion could also be good for anyone thinking about buying an ultralight.  Many of these things apply to pre-purchase inspections as well.  Join us as Shaw helps us take a look at our aircraft with a critical eye.


April 26, 7:00 pm Wellsboro Johnston Airport

Where Do I Begin?

This month club members will discuss their projects.  This is a very good meeting to attend if you are considering a purchase of a plane or a kit.  Do you want a legal ultralight (Part 103 legal)  Do you want to build your own?  How should you register it?  We will discuss the pros and cons of registering your kit as an expirenmental light sport or an expirenmental amature built.  Are you looking to buy one of these?  Is it N Numbererd?  Should it have been?  Don't be fooled by a low price aircraft that is not registered properly.  You could be wasting your money.  We have members who represent all forms of ownership and registration as well as builder experience.  Please join us for this informative presentation.  It should be valuable if you are considering a build, buy or registration.  This is a good session to invite a new person who is curious about our sport.


May 27, Annual Memorial Day Fly In Breakfast 8:00 - Noon

Calling all members!!  We need you to join "Doc" and the rest of the Canyon Pilots to help provide the 1000 community members who come out each spring to Wellsboro - Johnston for buckwheat pancakes, great ham and eggs cooked with TLC!!  Anyone who wants to help is welcome to do so, sometimes pilots have been known to throw helpers in their right seat after the clean up is done and give them a "thanks for the help" ride over the nearby canyon.  Contact Rob Fisher to sign up for a shift


June 16, Sunrise to Noon.  Wellsboro - Johnston

2nd Annual Flight Demo. Day.  Members and CPA members will hope for a nice, calm, dry morning as they drag their aircraft out and fly for fun.  We also will invite the R/C guys to join us once again.  These guys have some very cool planes and have an amazing control over their flight.  We will invite friend of the club as well as members of the general public to join is for a fun flying day.  Check out some photos below from last years event.

If you have something to fly, come and fly it.  If you don't come and watch the activities.


July - No Meeting.  This is "National Vacation Month" and nobody is left in the Twin Tiers (except tourists)


August 16, 7:00 pm  Wellsboro - Johnston Airport

Flying as a Sport Pilot

Join us for this special joint meeting of the Canyon Pilots Association and Canyon Country Ultralight Club as we explore the Sport Pilot certificate.  If you are Private Pilot and curious about flying as a Sport Pilot, this session is for you.  If you are considering flying lessons and want to understand the differences between the Sport / Private certificate, this session is for you.  Are you interested in weight shift, lighter than air, gliders, powered parachutes or gyroplanes?  If so, this session is for you.  Are you a Part 103 Ultralight pilot who wants to know what is involved to transition to Sport Pilot?  If so, this session is for you.

We will have a special presenter for this meeting.  Prof. H. Paul Shuch, CFII, LSRM-A, iRMT and Chief Flight Instructor and Director of maintenance at AvSport  Paul and AvSport Aviation operate at "The Birthplace of Sport Aviation" , Piper Memorial Airport in Lock Haven Pa.  This will be an FAA FAAST Safety Team Presentation and attendees can get credit in the FAA Wings Program.  We expect seats to fill quickly once this event is published on the Wings site and local and regional newspapers so be sure to sign up early. 

If you have never attended one of our meetings, this would be a great time to attend and say hello and introduce yourself.  If you a member or an associate, please invite someone. 

Here is what Dr. Shuch has to say about the Sport Pilot Certificate for those who may be unfamiliar with the rule:

If you can drive, you can fly!

If you're looking for a Saturday afternoon stroll through the sky without a lot of burdensome expense and regulation, the FAA created the Sport Pilot certificate in 2004 just for folks like you. FAA’s Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category offers affordable, safe, basic aircraft for many people who would otherwise be unable to fly. What is a Light Sport Aircraft? What can it do? What can't it do? What are the certification requirements? What is a Sport Pilot? What are the requirements? What are the limitations? Join the Canyon
Country Ultralight Club and the Canyon Pilots Association in exploring the world of sport flying. While the most recognizable light sport aircraft is the fixed-wing airplane, the light sport aircraft category includes six additional kinds of aircraft as well:

Powered parachutes
Weight-shift control aircraft
Lighter-than-air airships
Lighter-than-air balloons

Attend this interesting and exciting safety briefing and learn about the world of LSA!
September 2, Annual Labor Day Fly In Breakfast
Once again we host the best breakfast in the region!  Buckwheat pancakes, grilled ham, and eggs. We need everyone to help with this event.  Our breakfasts help us to provide students with aviation scholarships, support the Grand Canyon Airport Authority, provide training opportunities and take care of club expenses.
Bring the family and enjoy a fall morning in Canyon Country.


October 18, 7:00 pm Wellsboro - Johnston Airport

Season ending meeting.  Join us as we share our methods of "how to pickle your aircraft."  Members share their thoughts and ideas of how they put their bird up for the long winters nap.  We will also discuss how the club schedule worked for 2012.  What worked well and what didn't.  We will discuss what members would like to see for 2013 from the Canyon Country Ultralight Club, United States Ultralight Club 203!

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