Friday, April 27, 2012

A 16 hr. Light Sport Repairman Weekend

April 21 and 22, 2012  Wurtsboro NY

The Experimental Light Sport Aircraft Community was granted a very unique privilege when the FAA adopted the new light sport rules.  This privilege enables the owner of an experimental light sport aircraft to take an FAA approved 16 hr. repairman's course resulting in an inspection authority for his or her own qualified aircraft.  Sixteen light sport enthusiasts had an opportunity to exercise their privilege and took the 16 hr. repairman's course recently from two of the industries top educators, Brian and Carol Carpenter from Rainbow Aviation.  This 16 hr course was held at the historic Wurtsboro NY airport.

N82 is located 2 miles NE of Wurtsboro in the Catskill Mt. region of NY.  It is a privately owned airport that is open to the public.  Runway 5/23 is asphalt 3592'  Runway 14/32 are 2101' of turf and Runway 18/36 are 1250' of turf and lastly Runway  9/27, also turf are 1100'.  If you cant find a calm wind runway at Wurtsboro, there probably isn't one.

This course is designed to keep pilots safe with both practical and theoretical instruction.  It is 16 hours of structured, intense, useful information.  Obviously the class is intended to give a student, who passes the FAA approved exam with a minimum score of 80%, a certificate that allows them to inspect their own light sport aircraft.  But the Carpenters make it so much more.  Your safety and the safety of others is the #1 with their presentation. 

The 2 seat Quicksilver was one of the aircraft used as part of the demonstration portion of the course.  This class was split between powered parachute guys seeking their 16 hr inspection rating and guys seeking their airplane inspection rating.  I had the opportunity to attend the very first powered parachute 16 hr course offered in the country several years ago.  That course was powered parachute specific and was very well done.  I took this course for my airplane rating.  Having already taken my powered parachute course I have to congratulate the Carpenters for doing a fine job of incorporating both PPC and Airplane in the same session. Both categories of  pilots/owners benifited, in my opinion, by having a mixed course.  In fact, it added something for me personally by having both powered parachute and airplane given in the same 16 hr. course.
Rainbow Aviation's Brian and Carol Carpenter personally instructed the Wurtsboro NY 16 hr course.

This Shweizer glider was getting re-skinned in the hanger at Wurtsboro.  This airport claims to be the oldest glider airport in the nation and has been in operation since 1927.

One of the two Cessna L 19's hangered at Wurtsboro.  This one was used to get gliders airborne.
Rumor has it there is a Waco based at this field.  It was not in this hanger but may have been stashed on the field at one of the many nearby hangers.

There were some very nice R/C planes sitting around suggesting that Wurtsboro also has a very active group of R/C flyer's who enjoy this airport as well.

If you have any interest in this type of training please check out Rainbow Aviation at  You will not be disappointed!

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