Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jack Browns Sea Plane Base

Winter Haven Florida

Did you ever do something that gave you a smile that could not get knocked off of your face, even with a 2x4?  Jack Brown's Sea Plane Base in Winter Haven Florida specializes in handing out that type of a smile.  There is something special about flying from the water but there is something very special about doing it in a Piper Cub.  My wife bought an hour of dual instruction as a birthday gift and there was no better place to take some dual than on the lakes surrounding Winter Haven Florida in a J3.  Four Lakes, ten take off and landings in one hour and a smile that still wont go away when I think about the Cub coming in on a glassy water approach.  Door open, warm breeze, perfect weather.  Flying does not get much more fun than this.

Getting the Cub up on the step

The floats break free from the surface

Turning crosswind

Entering the downwind

The instructor and his student.  Guess which one is from the north! I dressed for April weather.             (April in Pennsylvania)

Not ready to fly a Cub on floats?

Check out this video:                   If you love to fly, you will be making an appointment at Jack Brown's the next time you are in central Florida!!

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