Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Local Airports - A Vital Part Of Our Communities

Small, local, GA airports often play a vital role in our communities and legislators, community leaders and economic developers never see how important of a role they play.  A great case in point took place at the Wellsboro Johnston Airport, N38, recently.  The local heliport near N38 that supports Life Flight activity was fogged in.  Nearby N38 was not.  Geisinger's Life Flight was able to utilize the airport and help an individual with a major health issue receive the medical care that was needed.  There was no fanfare, no reporters, nobody looking for or receiving attention as to how the airport serverd this need.  The same can be said for the airport as it serves the areas economic development interests.  Many corporations land at N38, do business and take off again, mostly without ever being noticed.  The local airport serves the community, county and region, without the general population ever knowing how important it is to our area.  If you get a chance to tell the story of how important the airport is to our county, please do so.  I am sure the guy on the stretcher in the photos above, along with his family, would say N38 is priceless.  This is typical of many GA airports throught the country.

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