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Action Requested
to Support General Aviation
There are federal legislators in Washington, D.C. who may begin to support general aviation (GA) "user fees" as a method to bolster revenues due to the fiscal cliff issue.
We are fortunate that Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Pat Toomey is an active pilot and aircraft owner. Pat understands what GA user fees will do to the already fragile GA segment of aviation. Please contact Pennsylvania U.S. Senators Pat Toomey and Robert Casey Jr. along with your local Congressional members and let them know that general aviation is a critical part of our nation's economy and that GA user fees will cripple the GA industry if they are enacted.
Tell them that GA user fees should not be unfairly singled out during the current fiscal cliff debates. Let them know that user fees will cripple the GA segment of aviation in America. To help reduce the federal deficit, the President has included a "$100 Per Flight User Fee" in his FY 2013 budget package.
Please call and/or write to them today at their local district offices. Phone lines are very busy at their Washington, D.C. offices due the massive amounts of people making contact right now on numerous issues.
Links to U.S.Senators Toomey and Casey:
When writing to Senator Toomey, please cc the following individuals
Dan Brandt, his legislative director at
Mitch Vidovich, his aviation staffer at

Update on Pennsylvania
Fixed-Wing Aircraft Sales and Use Taxes
Pennsylvania House Bill 1100, which eliminates fixed-wing aircraft sales and use taxes, passed the Pennsylvania House by a vote of 179-19 on May 22, 2102. Although the bill was moved to the senate, the bill did not advance quick enough to make it through due to the short time frame that the senate was in session which was brought about the federal elections in November.
Senate Bill 1552 which was a companion bill in the senate did not have enough time to make it through both the senate and the house.
The Aviation Council has been advised that a new senate bill to address the fixed-wing sales and use taxes will be introduced with the start of the new legislative session which starts in January 2013.
We are optimistic that with your help. 2013 will be the year that Pennsylvania becomes competitive so that collectively we can start to build a stronger and more vibrant aviation and aerospace industry.
About The Aviation Council of Pennsylvania
The Council is comprised of aerospace manufacturers, airports, FBOs, flight schools, aircraft owners and pilots, corporate flight departments, charter operators, aviation suppliers, consultants, engineers, architects, organizations, and individuals working together to improve and promote aviation in the Commonwealth. Our strong voice in Pennsylvania aviation issues helps assure that aviation interests are properly served.
ACP Mission
The Aviation Council of Pennsylvania's mission is to represent the Pennsylvania aviation and aerospace community in matters involving government and private sector interests; to improve aviation in partnership with the Commonwealth and the federal government; and to increase public awareness of aviation.
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