Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 2013 Aviation Day at Wellsboro Johnston Airport N38

Saturday April 20 was a day set aside to enjoy aviation at the Wellsboro Johnston Airport in Wellsboro Pa. The day before, Friday was a warm 74 degree day with a little rain.  A cold front came through late Friday and set up a very different day for the event.  40 degrees, 25 knot steady wind and SNOW, yes SNOW.  The day was set up for sky diving, live music, RC aircraft, ultralights, Civil Air Patrol Demos, and food by the Canyon Pilots.  The public was invited and several folks bundled up and came to the airport.  All in all it was a nice day considering the conditions.  Below are a few photos of the day.
The CAP Cessna 182 braved the wind and flew in from Williamsport
CAP Pilots were able to get several Cadets in the air despite strong winds and snow squalls
A Diamond Star also braved the conditions at N38
TJ pilots a Piper Pa 22 with his co-pilot Charlotte
Part of the activity for the CAP Cadets was to stash an ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) on the field and have them try to find it.  After scouring the grounds they just found it in the back of this Tri Pacer located in a nearby hanger.
The Little L-Per used to help locate a downed aircraft by locating the aircraft's ELT
Once the Cadets located the ELT signal source they were briefed by their Commanding Officers on how they could have refined the process and shortened the process.  It is comforting to know that there are dedicated CAP folks that will help find you in the event your aircraft goes down and someone needs to look for you.
This Cozy, similar to the Rutan Long EZ did not need the Civil Air Patrol, but could have.
It exploded its 180hp Lycoming O-360 approx. 8 miles from N38 earlier this week at 9000' and cruising at 170 kts.  It was a silent flight at that point to an uneventful landing at N38.  No need for CAP on this flight.
Gotta a rag anyone, I splilled some oil?
A round Romanian engine hangered at N38
Got Glass? Dual G-1000's in the CAP Cessna 182
More CAP photos......

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