Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sun N Fun 2013

The annual Sun N Fun Fly In at Lakeland Fl. was held the second week of April 2013.  There were some nice changes made to the area know as Paradise City, which was once an ultralight mecca.  Over the past several years the ultralight community has seen a major downturn in the amount of aircraft and as a result Paradise City has been a virtual ghost town.  Fast forward to 2013.  Life in paradise City is back and I believe will be a growing community at future Sun N Fun events.  The ultralights were joined by the LSA Mall and Choppertown.  A new grass runway with friendlier approaches and a longer grass strip has been added.  A new traffic pattern allows ultralight, LSA and rotorcraft to operate at the same time, and this year for the first time all day, even during the airshow!!  There was two night airshows this year as well.  Those who saw them said they were spectacular.  For many years I have felt like this event was Mud and Fun. It appeared as though the parking area had many road upgrades which should help on those rainy days. I am sure there were other changes, but on my annual one day visit, I didn't notice a lot of other changes.  The Air Force Thunderbirds were cancelled due to the sequester which was disappointing.  I understand that Sun N Fun had to pay the ATC folks which cost them significant money that normally would go to their cause of aviation education for youth.  

As you can see from the banner, there was a significant wind that kept light aircraft grounded
Could it be a Tioga County Native was Air Operations Co-Chairman....NOT
This Auto Gyro was at the Rotax Booth and is the only gyro in the world equipped with the fuel injected Rotax 912.  This was a very nicely constructed gyro. 
This looks like your typical Cessna 182 getting fuel right?  So whats the big deal?  Look at the cowl.  JT-A? Yup, this is the only Cessna 182 diesel in the world.  
This Aerolight 103 was on display in Paradise City.  Canyon Country Ultralight Club member Fred Zeigler has a similar plane and is very knowlegable on this plane.  Contact Fred if it interests you.
Need to trailer your gyro? No problem with this 24 ft. custom built trailer
More from Auto Gyro USA
A little airshow action.  The smoke oil didn't hang around long in the 20 + knot winds
A Just Aircraft Highlander
Look close at the landing gear on this Highlander.  
This seemed to be the year of the folding wing.  
This Savannah S was an all metal light sport imported from Italy.  It was very well done and had optional fuel cells that made it capable of a 9 hour non-stop flight.  It needed an on board restroom for that kind of time in the air.
One of the many hangers filled with vendors
A beautiful Luscombe tied down in the vintage camping area
One of the Piper Tri Pacers (PA 22) converted to a Pacer (PA 20)  Nicely done
An Ercoup.  I thought about flying this but someone forgot to add the rudder pedals and I was lost!
There were several nice Cessna 195's in the camping area
A very nice 1955 Cessna 172 in the Vintage camping area
Name that plane?
1944 Beechcraft Stagerwing
Bi-wing amphibian.  Neat!!
Are you ready for some light sport acro? The Comet is!!
The folks at AOPA were demonstrating iPad in cockpit navigation.  They compared the iPad vs the iPad mini and various moving map displays.
One of the many beautiful Wacos on the grounds
It may not fly but the cool factor was right up there with many of the aircraft
One of the flying B25's. Panchito!!  These planes had guns pointed everywhere.
Sun N Fun 2013.......The End!!

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