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The following ATC questions and answers are from the podcast and website  This is a very informative web site and gives great insight into communicating with ATC, VFR and IFR.  I am posting some VFR Q & A here.  Check out Jeff Kanarish's web site for more info.

You are flying in a tower-controlled airport pattern. You have just rolled out on a 2-mile final approach to Runway 26. Just as you do this, you hear Tower say to another airplane, “Cessna 9130 Delta, Runway 26, line up and wait.” As you look ahead to the runway, you see a Cessna 172 roll out onto the runway, turn the corner, point down the length of the runway and stop.
You are now on about a mile and quarter final when you hear Tower clear that airplane for takeoff. That airplane begins its takeoff roll. You are on a three-quarter mile final when you hear the pilot of that other airplane say, “Cessna 9130 Delta is aborting. I’ll be stopping on the runway.”
Here’s your questions. First, what do you expect Tower to say to you after acknowledging that other pilot? Second, what do you say in reply; and then what do you do?


1. After acknowledging the radio call from the pilot making the aborted takeoff, Tower will say your call sign and then either, “Cancel your landing clearance,” or, “Go around.” Tower will then add the reason for the clearance, such as, “Traffic will be stopping on the runway.” Tower may or may not instruct you to offset to one side of the runway to avoid overflying the aircraft or emergency vehicles on the runway.
2. Your reply in this situation should be, your call sign, plus “Going around.” If Tower gives you additional instructions, such as, “Fly runway heading,” or, “Do not overfly the runway,” you should repeat those instructions as well.”
3. First, maintain aircraft control. Initiate your go-around. When you have your airplane safely climbing away from the ground and you have begun to execute any special instructions issued by Tower, only then make your reply to Tower on the radio. Never sacrifice aircraft control, or delay your go-around maneuver in order to make a radio call.

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