Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Going To Sun 'N Fun?

Are you planning a trip to Sun 'N Fun in Lakeland this year?  There are a lot of other neat aviation things to do in central Florida while you are there.  Check out a few of them below:

Wallaby Ranch in nearby Davenport Fl. is a great place to spend some relaxing time.  Get towed into the air on a tandem hanglider by an ultralight.  Malcom and his crew are ready to show you a great time, take you up to a few thousand feet and cut you loose for a quiet ride back to the earth.  Al Roker of the NBC Today show and thousands of others have made the trip to Wallaby Ranch.  check it out

Another great place just a few miles south is Jack Browns Seaplane Base.  There is not a better way to spend an hour or two than jumping in a J3 Cub on Floats and start lake hopping.
Check out some of the videos, read some of the history and schedule and hour or two of dual time at one of the coolest aviation attractions in Florida.

Skydive Sebastian!!!
Located on the east coast of Florida.  A trip to Sebastian is on my schedule of things to do on my Sun 'N Fun trip this year.  Great views of the coastline and Atlantic Ocean.

Don't miss the opportunity to take a flight in the "Pilot Maker" The North-American T-6 TEXAN
Take the controls in the front seat and let one of the experienced instructors show you how to fly the legendary WWII trainer.  Weather you want a thrilling aerobatic adventure or a straight and level flight, they will tailor the ride just for you.

"Fantasy of Flight"
Besides being a really cool aviation museum, Kermit Weeks Fantasy of Flight will host the Sun'N Fun Splash in on April 3 2014.
Take a ride in a Bi-Plane while you are there. Check it out at

Sun 'N Fun is a great way to take a break from the daily grind, escape the long winter and enjoy an aviation spring break.  There are many more ways to add to the experience while you are there.  Take a day or two and try something different.  Enjoy!

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