Sunday, April 27, 2014

Please read the April 10th post for some background to this post.

Well here is an update to some of the questions posted with regard to the current status of USUA, based on an email exchange with Roy Beisswenger, current President of USUA.

1)  There is a board of directors.  They are Roy Beisswenger President,  Jeff Goin Vice President, Skip Little Secretary, Vickie Betts Treasurer and director David Kantor.  I am not sure if or when this board was elected by the membership at large or if it was simply self-appointed.  I thank Roy for providing the list of names. Time will tell if elections for directors are held or if these folks will just continue to serve year after year.

2)  I had asked Roy numerous times to provide the organizations annual financial statements with no success.  Finally in Roy's last email reply he acknowledge that there are no annual financial statements, only a bank account and check register.  He gave no indication of an account balance, or how many members pay dues each year.  He did indicate that a big expense is maintaining USUA's membership to NAA and to FAI.  FAI allows records and contests for US ultralight pilots to count internationally. Other expenses are phone, Internet and postage. 

3)  Roy acts as USUA's voice to the FAA.  I imagine the board gives him input on their opinions but I wonder why the membership at large lives in a USUA vacuum when it comes to giving input.  

It was nice to get some answers from USUA President Beisswenger.  It is good there are some folks keeping USUA alive.  Roy said "there is always an intent to do more, especially regarding advocacy and pilot services.  Those things are now becoming a reality. The board has made other decisions that we are working to implement, but as volunteers we only have so much time to do things." To that I would say, Roy and USUA board thank you for your dedication. You have a national membership base, ask them to help. Empower them to help, after all it is their association too.

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