Monday, June 9, 2014

Sun 'n Fun 2014

Sun 'n fun has often been remembered by the weather for the week and the event took second fiddle.  Not so in 2014.  It was Chamber of Commerce weather all week. The crowds were up. The Blue Angels were back. Attendees were spending money and vendors were all smiles.  Paradise City, once home of the ultralight community and a virtual waste of space for the past 5-6 years was alive again.  A newly renovated grass airstrip supported ultralights, light sport airplanes, and gyros all at the same time!!  2014 may have been one of the best Sun 'n Fun events held in many years.  The 2015 event will be held April 21-25.  this is a good time to plan your visit to the annual spring break for pilots.
The big crowd enters the gates at the 2014 Sun 'n fun event in Lakeland Fl.
A Beautiful Beech 18 at the Splash in  portion of Sun 'n Fun
"The Father of Ultralighting" John Moody flew two of his original ultralights to Paradise City and visited with interested attendees.  He flew everyday day of the event!!  He loves to fly and visit with folks.
John Moody's original, formerly foot-launched, ultralight.  Coca-Cola sure got a big bang for their buck with a sponsorship deal signed decades ago.  
 The Aircam.  Was on floats and wheels.  Twin Rotax 912ULS engines.  What a nice plane.
While at Sun 'n Fun, we rented a Remos SLSA and flew around A04, Apopka
There are many forums included with you entry to Sun 'n Fun.  This is Jason Shappert, a nationally know CFII and podcaster.  He is a wealth of knowledge and has a vast online presence.
We took a little side trip to Skydive Sebastian, in Sebastian Fl. for a tandem skydive.  What a cool experience to free fall from 13,500 AGL.  The instructor said "just slide to the door and hang your legs out of the plane as if you are sitting in a chair."  RIGHT!!

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