Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weedhopper Feature Story

The Weedhopper has been around for a long time and has been featured in the February 2010 Light Sport and Ultralight Flying magazine.  "Restoring a Weedhopper" is the story written by Keith Murchison.  The 5 page spread is enough to make Hopper fans head for Barnstormers to purchase a new project or the garage to work on their very own hopper.  If this article and the great photos don't get you fired up to fly something light and affordable, you should be working on a dirt bike, mammas car or your lawn mower.  This plane looks like a blast to fly.  We have a club member, Rob Fisher, who is mid-stream with his own Weedhopper project.  We can't wait to see him take flight.  We look forward to updates from Rob on this Blog soon.  Also, thanks to Matt Hoppes for his recent post on his flight at Lock Haven.  It must be kind of cool to take flight on the home field of the J-3 Cub.

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  1. Thanks to Tom for featuring the Weedhopper this month. Im still in "stall" mode with my bird, but hope to get started back on her soon. As a matter of fact, Keith Murchison has given me advice on a couple of things in the past and he seems like a good guy. Ill keep you folks posted on my progress.

    take care,